Diamond Sawing PDF  


The Laser Sawing Machine has been developed especially for diamond sawing, shaping and bruiting . All lasers have a long
resonator in order to have a pulse with enough power to cut in the stone without having the risk of damaging the stones. It allows the pulse shaping and power modulation during the whole process in order to minimize risks and adapt the power during the sawing.

Optional Accessories

TSS fixture
Set up station
Diamond sticking machine
Two Side Sawing (TSS) with one side auto focusing
Fancy shape, cone and profile cutting & drilling
In built power meter with PC interface.
All in one machine can be supplied on request
Automatic air controller

Low weight loss compared to other flash lamp based machines.
Maintenance Free: No need of alignment.
Smooth cutting surface.
Breakage rate almost ‘NIL’.
Special software for TSS cutting.
Automatic data setting system.
Exceptional Reliability: through peak power control device.
Senses the marking line.
Laser cutting on both the sides from single laser rail assembly.
Best for smaller size diamonds.
Automatic Stroke Control for Higher Productivity.
Automatic Detection of Diamond Completion / Fixture Completion.
Peak Power Control Device for Utmost Safety of Diamond.
Unique Voice Prompt To Minimize The Operator Interface.
Automatic RF mode.
Changing Parameters at real time.

Technical Specification
Laser system
Laser Source Multi Diode Pumped
Fiber Laser
Wavelength 1064 ± 10 nm
Beam Mode M2 < 1.2
Laser power 50 to80 Watts
Peak to peak stability 2 %
Divergence < 2 mrad
Frequency up to 50 khz
Power consumption <7.5 KVA
Electricity 400 ± 10 % V AC
3 Phase
Room temperature 25°C
CNS system
Axis travel 170 mm X 170 mm X 50 mm
Accuracy 2 micron/ 25mm
Repeatability 2 micron / 25mmBidirectional
Straightness 2 micron / 25mm
Drive Servo with 17bit Encoder
Weight 350 to 400 kg
Size (in mm) 1800 x 1000 x 1600
Cooling water De – Ionized Water