Mini Fiber Laser PDF  

The fiber laser marking machine is the third generation laser marking machine developed by Gurukrupa Laser Tech with the
most advanced technology in the world. It uses fiber laser to output laser and realizes marking function through high speed
scanning galvanometer system. The system features include efficiency, air cooling, compact size, high quality output beam,
high reliability, long service life and energy saving. The marking speed is 3-12 times of the speed of first genera-tion lamp pump
marking machine and second generation semiconductor marking machine. The marking software runs on Windows OS platform. It
is compatible with file formats of AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW and PHOTOSHOP, such as PLT, AI, DXF, BMP etc. It can also use
SHX and TTF character libraries.

The features of the Laser are:

All components are integrated in one small casing. A miniaturized resonator is a main component of
the diode-pumped laser marker that allows achieving highest pulse peaks with an outstanding beam quality.
Due to the integration of a thermoelectric air cooling and the high efficiency of the system the running costs are
reduced to a minimum. The medium power consumption of the laser marking system is 200 W.
An integrated diagnostic system minimizes down-time and helps to reduce additional services.
Laser Life:
Fiber Laser Life Is 1,00,000Hrs.
With the high beam quality the machine produces micro printings, graphics, bar codes, photos and logos up to 1000 dpi resolution
Fast: The high-speed scanning head allows fast marking especially of small texts, with the highest positioning and
repeatability of the laser beam being guaranteed at any time.
The marking software allows the realization of customized WINDOWS® user surfaces. Thus the use of the software
can be adapted individually to the necessities of the user.
The integrated preview functions in the software as well as the pilot laser function allow programming and
adjustment quickly and effectively for the user.
Laser marking by engraving of metals, color change of plastics, laser labeling; the machine is the right choice for
the above mentioned and a lot more applications.
Laser marking for permanent, abrasion proof, chemical resistant and falsification-safe marks, as well as a part of
warranty, quality assurance, product liability and process control.
Besides the marking of industrial components, the laser is also ideal for product design like logos and graphics.
Outstanding Features
Permanent and abrasion proof marking.
Excellent beam quality, TEM oo.
High efficiency.
Completely air cooled, No Chiller Required.
High pulse peak power.
Compact design.

Technical Specification
Laser unit Fiber Laser Marking field [mm] 70 x 70 / 100 x 100 / 200 x 200
Laser power 10W & 20W Cooling Systems Air Cooled
Beam quality TEMoo M2 < 13 Humidity (relative) 30 % – 85 % non-condensing
Pulse frequency 1 – 100 kHz Weight 40 KG
Scanning speed 50000 mm /sec Dimensions (mm)
Focusing objective optional