Diamond Bruiting PDF  

The machine is intended for elimination of imperfections on girdle surface as well as for improvement of geometrical parameters with maximal retaining of diamond weight. The machine is equipped with video system. It permits to have ideal centering and accuracy of diamond bruiting aligning multi-magnified diamond image with preset parameters.
This machine permits to realize many recommendations of computer programs for re polishing finished diamonds with the aim of increasing their value.

Excellent Precise Bruiting Due To Rotary.
Latest Fiber Laser Technology/ DPSS Technology.
Longer Laser Source Life: 3 times greater than other Diode & Green Laser.
Precise & stable beam mode continuously: No power drop problem.
From table as well as bottom side bruiting facility.
According to the type of rough diamond, laser marking provides no damage risk to the diamond.
Maintenance Free: No need of alignment.
Breakage rate is almost NIL.
Simple air cooling.
Round & all fancy shapes possible.
Smooth cutting surface.
Better precision of diameter and shapes.
Battery back up in case of electricity failure: through imported UPS (optional)
Higher Productivity through
* Set up station * 47 die fixture * Diamond setting through user friendly software

Optional Accessories

Setup Station.
Additional Tray Fixture.
Additional Tray Fixture.
Diamond Sticking Machine.

Technical Specification
Laser system
Laser Source ND Yag
Wavelength 1064 ± 10 nm
Beam Mode M2 < 1.2
Laser power 50 To 75 Watts
Peak to peak stability 2 %
Divergence < 2 mrad
Frequency up to 50 khz
CNS system
Axis travel 170 mm X 170 mm X 50 mm
Accuracy 2 micron/ 25mm
Repeatability 2 micron / 25mmBidirectional
Straightness 2 micron / 25mm
Drive Servo with 17bit Encoder
Power consumption <7.5 KVA
Electricity 400 ± 10 % V AC 3 Phase
Room temperature 25°C
Cooling water De – Ionized Water
Weight 250 to 350 kg
Size (in mm) 1800 x 1000 x 1600